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The web platform forms a part of the TESS research project. Our research is studying the multitude of community-based initiatives emerging across Europe to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. This section hosts resources designed to help these community groups and their associated networks grow and develop.

Information Sheets

The TESS project will produce a series of Information Sheets on key aspects of the project. They are designed to summarise key findings in a concise and accessible way, and to invite community groups to use the evaluation tools produced through the TESS research. We hope they will encourage community-based initiatives to think about the wider context and potential impact of their activities.

Additional supportive material for online tools

Technical documentation for the Track-It! Tool is available here (English version). Below you can find a video showing how to use the Track-It! Tool.

Below you can find a video tutorial describing how to facilitate an ‘Exploring Community Resilience’ workshop. A Resource Package to support facilitators to run an ‘Exploring Community Resilience’ workshop is available here.
These workshops are primarily intended to be run for members of community-led organisations, initiatives and networks that are working to create communities that can pro-actively engage with shaping the transition away from dependence on fossil fuels.

For more resources and research reports, visit the TESS resources page.