As part of this work, the TESS researchers have developed two self-assessment tools for community-based initiatives to evaluate their impact:

Resilience Compass (click here to enter)

The TESS Resilience Compass encourages initiatives to assess and reflect on their impact on the resilience of their community: are they prone to breakdown or are they capable of transforming disturbances into positive change?
Below you can find a video tutorial describing how to facilitate an ‘Exploring Community Resilience’ workshop. A Resource Package to support facilitators to run an ‘Exploring Community Resilience’ workshop is available here.
These workshops are primarily intended to be run for members of community-led organisations, initiatives and networks that are working to create communities that can pro-actively engage with shaping the transition away from dependence on fossil fuels.

Track-It! Tool (click here to enter)

The Track-It! Tool allows initiatives to estimate the effect of their activities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Technical documentation for the Track-It! Tool is available here (English version). Below you can find a video showing how to use the Track-It! Tool.